Daniel Menche


You have more than 10 years of sound creation behind you now; but how old are you?

In 2004 I am 34 years old, yet my sound work started in 1989 and 1993 was my first CD release. There were many early cassette release before then and many performances.

What has been your musical background before starting to create your own sound?

None at all. I was a frustrated visual artist then so I switched to sound work and I haven't been frustrated since.

Do you feel your work has evolved much during this decade? If so, what do you think are the main changes between your debuts and now?

There has absolutely been growth of course and changes yet the same essence has remained within the music and my drive to create music has only increased possibly due to an natural growing awareness of mortality. So my music will continue to change and grow within itself as well as myself in life.

Will you keep on publishing as many records in the future, and be released on many different labels rather than fix on one? There are big differences actually from one of your 2003 records to another.

Yes, there will be much more releases on different small labels. I prefer to work with many different small labels, especially in different countries. And its my goal to make each recording completely different from the next and as unique within its self. My work in the 90s seemed to be continuously themed-like sequels from each other but I don't wish to work that way any more, all releases will be treated completely unique, I feel this will be best for growth in my music.

Which material do you use to generate your sounds?

All sounds, any sounds. There are no biases or borders. I did have biases in sound source in the 90s but now the spectrum of sound is completely widened now. no restrictions whatsoever.

Do you feel your music could have some spiritual dimension?

I certainly hope so yet "spiritual" is a complexed and confused word unfortunately tainted by western religion to the point now that its embarrassing to even mutter the word in describing something. But I regard "spiritual" as something that cannot be intellectually defined or described and if attempted then it is no longer spiritual. That said this is the reason why it is very difficult for myself to define, explain, articulate my work because its completely spiritually driven and it's attempt to be created spiritually intense so to be received from the listener as spiritually intense as possible.

With a lot of your tracks I get an impression of being immersed, drowning, blown away by an avalanche or cascade of magma. Do you think sound/noise can be a tool to redefine one's sense of space?

Absolutely, That's the goal in many cases, not just in my music but music in general. To put the listener in another place spiritually.

Are you still as dedicated to perform as you used to be? Are live performances something vital for you?

Extremely dedicated, and it seems that the recording world is going down which is a natural evolution, I mean recording has been around for a little over 100 years and performing live is ancient and timeless. So yes is very important to be dedicated to live performances, It will never go away.

What is a Daniel Menche show looking like in these days?

Extremely intense, although it depends on PA size but the louder it is the more extreme physically I push it. the older I'm getting the more intense I'm getting. Difficult to explain why but after all these years I'm allowing myself to follow the music and have it take total dominance within myself as opposed to controlling the music. In the 21st century I've changed completely my approach to performing, there are no restraint, just pure sound and pure spirit. During performing I strive to strip everything down to just these two elements, sound and spirit and it MUST be presented as intensely and physically extreme as possible. No themes, no message, no politics, no agenda, no intellectualism. Just pure and total energy.

You have couple collaborations planned, with Kiyoshi Mizutani and R.H.Y. Yau is this an important phase in your evolution?

Oh yes it is. Now I feel its very important to collaborate in order to progress and learn allot about composition. Sharing other ideas and perspectives is very healthy. Its only in the 21st century that I realized this and collaborating allot now and also doing remixing projects. There will be some very exciting collaborations I'm working on in the future.

Do you feel at ease with this "modern" world, all new technologies, and actual societies?

In order to progress artistically one better be at ease with technology and more so to use it as the most efficient tool possible. So yes I am at ease or more so with new technologies. I embrace it completely.

Any kind of utopia you'd secretly worship?

I study Japanese samurai philosophy Bushido and ancient greek societies like the Spartans. Any ancient society that promoted the balance of the arts and physical strength is highly inspiring to me. Its a shame that today's modern societies has separated the teaching and encouragement of the union of arts and the human physique, thus creating very unhealthy and confused philosophy in today's artists and of course the most obvious the amazingly nihilistic physical health of our modern societies. It is my strong belief that each and everyone should be a walking, talking, breathing inspiration of the mind, body and spirit in order to influence the present younger generations to grow and inspire the next one. There is positive nihilism and a very unhealthy nihilism and its shameful that so many choose very unhealthy nihilism to spread among the younger generation. I'm am hopeful of course and I'm dedicated to my music to hopefully inspire the younger generation and thankfully I have gathered a very healthy and supportive younger audience for my work.

Do you have a main goal, is there anything you'd like to achieve someday that you have not already, where do you ideally want to go, as a sound creator?

I hope to compose and conduct vocal choirs in the future. Step outside of the technological aspect of music and apply my music toward vocal assemblies.

Childish question, but how do you view death?

I don't view death, I don't even see it, I will never see it. I'm too busy living! Much like the old quote goes "Get busy living, or get busy dying".

What's currently in the pipeline? What can we expect from you in the future?

More recordings of course and hopefully I wish to travel more to perform. Its my passion travelling and performing. So I really hope to spread my music as far as it can take me.

Anything that could be worth adding as a conclusion?

My gratitude is immense for many people who have supported me and helped me to expose my music, Its incredible for me and its a strong fuel for myself to continue making music. I am incredibly fortunate to have the best audiences and to meet amazing artists around the world. My audiences seem to be very personal and extremely sincere. It means so much to me all the support I've gotten throughout the years and I'm dedicated in making music long into the future for generations to come.

An interview from German magazine Necrophonie