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Date: Sat, 19 Aug 1995 16:59:57 -0600 (MDT)
From: "J. Exby" <>
Subject: Re: Noise for the sake of annoying the 8th-grade English teacher
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On Sat, 19 Aug 1995, Mark Kolmar wrote:

> I've seen you (SUGAR in their vitamins) around the 'Net for quite a while
> and you've seemed well-informed, open-minded and well-versed in all manner
> of "difficult" music.  Now I'm wondering if, in some parallel universe,

actually, SUGAR is about as vile as they come.  He's been known to drive
thousands of mile to prey on feeble minded humans who want nothing more
than to continue, and thrive, on wasted argument space.
And he doesn't own a license for any of his guns either.  un fkin traceable.

> Hijokaidan were performing their new chart single on Top of the Pops, you
> wouldn't be dissing them as well.

pretty unimaginative, "you cant handle popularity" theory here.  (yawn)
if Hijokaiden didn't change their ways, and instruments of noiz torture,
I wouldn't care if they played at Bill Clinton's birthday party for
christsakes.  And I know SUGAR feels the same.

> And if disagreement-->wasted bandwidth then let's pull the plug on the
> whole damn 'Net.  Otherwise we'd all just be stroking each other: "How
> 'bout that new Aube disc"  "Yeah, cool, huhhuh, huhhuh"  "Yeah, huhhuh,
> there's only two kinds of music: Noise, and stuff that sucks."

or we could sit around and have some reviews or actual commentary on noiz
items, instead of trying to outwit each other into somehow thinking that
 "I am right"  and "you are wrong".
but it appears that SUGAR's call for intelligence, and stepping down from
your nasty-boy-turnover soapbox isn't a plausible event for you.
lucky us.

------Looky KIDS  some information on noise below!---

btw,  I got 3 new cds from RRRon on the PURE label.  THe most impressive
being by Knurl, and the weirdest from ViolentOnsenGeisha.  VOG are just
plain tipsy wildfolks is all I can say now.

Big event for me-  still those up coming 3 Merzbow shows in/near SF.
these will be the days I'll be telling to other people's grandchildren
for years to come.